Notes Tone Unturned
(formerly Asia/Pacific Computer Services, company was closed at the end of 2013)

This is the PERSONAL website of Tony Austin.
After more than 45 years in the IT industry, I have retired.
This is NOT a business site!


Do NOT pester and annoy me by proposing ANY business-related products or services.

Since I am now retired, I don't want to be contacted about website design, application development, search engine optimization (SEO), e-mail lists and marketing strategies/campaigns, or any such matters.

After decades in the IT industry I have all the necessary skills to manage this website, and don't want to hear from you about any of these things.

Act professionally.
If you ignore the above warning you will get an uncomplimentary reply from me, and your name and company name will be added to a public list of spammers!


If you ask for links to your website to be added to my website, then you must make a non-trivial donation -- payable in advance -- which will be about the same as the hourly rate paid to a top-level IT consultant.


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(03) 9888 7772
+61 3  9888 7772

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Business-seeking spam mail WILL be trashed.
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