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The "universal application enabler" for database Usage Tracking and Effectiveness Monitoring

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Most organisations don't have any real idea of how effectively their Notes/Domino applications are being used!

NotesTracker provides a NEW WAY for you to gather and examine key usage information about your Lotus Notes/Domino applications, whether the databases are accessed via a Lotus Notes Client or a Web Browser.
For ALL organizations, EVERY type of Notes application, and ANY Notes/Domino environment.
Measure the Success of your Lotus Notes/Domino Applications

NotesTracker provides an easy way to uniquely measure and enhance the effectiveness of your Notes/Domino applications.

Using NotesTracker, you can profile their activity
in fine detail and get alerted whenever specific actions occur  for a particular user or document or against a particular database (such as a user's Notes mail file).


By determining how they're really being used, you can decide precisely how to revitalize or tweak your key applications, for BETTER BUSINESS VALUE and BETTER CONTROL of their operation.

A few ways yous may benefit by implementing NotesTracker:

  • Content Effectiveness and Timeliness - see who accessed specific "hot" documents (like a New Product Release, HR Policy, Discussion Topic, Meeting announcement, or Security alert).

  • Content and Knowledge Management - determine the main knowledge contributors, learn how people work, and see how content is being changed.

  • Recognising Knowledge Contributors / Team Building - use NotesTracker to measure contributions and promote knowledge sharing. Find out who are "the makers" (versus "the takers").

  • Document Life Cycles and Usage Trends - identify popular content, determine usage patterns, know when "stale" documents should be freshened, identify rarely-used documents that it is safe to delete or archive.

  • Improve Domino Administration - monitor changes in critical databases (such as the Domino Directory).

  • Training Effectiveness - follow the trail of a student's database usage, to evaluate and improve application training.

  • Application Function Booster - new capabilities in NotesTracker version 5 enable NotesTracker to do more than usage tracking. (See the NotesTracker Guide.)

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Get your copies of the following FREE Lotus Notes/Domino applications ...
SDMS - a Simple Document Management System

CAPTURE - Customer And Project Tracking + Usage Reporting Extensions
(a CRM application)

NOTE: both of the above applications include built-in NotesTracker, at no charge to you!

Notes Presenter - deliver your presentations and digital packages via a Lotus Notes repository
Simple Signer - quickly sign all design elements in a Lotus Notes database prior to deployment


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